If you are interested in learning about good practices in the teaching of Breakin’ (break dance) and/or to know how breakin’ began in countries such as Italy, Cyprus, Spain, and other, how hip hop, specially breakin´, have evolved in each of these countries, etc. Here you have the  e-Books of our project “Skills development for Breakin´Trainers” , now available in four languages (English, Italian, Greece and Spanish). In the e-Book also you can find more information about partner organizations and project activities, situation of breakin’ in each country,  stakeholders and some proposals for spreading the importance of Breakin’ Trainers (to be train for breakin’ training). English Version of the e-Book SpanishRead More →

Last weekend we were in Alba (Italy) for the Final Meeting of our project, where representatives of each organization took part. In Italy, the activities carried out in each country in the framework of this project have been presented, we evaluated the level of compliance of the objectives and expected results of the project, we meet with Mr. Emanuele Bolla, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Youth, Training and Work of Alba City Council, as well as we organized a visibility activity with local population. It has been a very productive meeting where we also reflected on our partnership and future projects to submit. Here youRead More →

Everything is ready for our Seminar “Breakin’ trainers” that takes place on Friday and Saturday in Malaga (Spain). Today our participants from Italy and Cyprus are travelling to Malaga for improving their competences, offering and exchanging tools on training of breaking trainers and creating a document with the contents/subjects of the training program. We are waiting for you!Read More →

As you know Poe One will be with us in Málaga as special guest of the project “Skills Development of Breakdance Sport Trainers” (Breakin ‘Trainers). During his visit to Málaga, he will give a workshop on Saturday, July 27, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm at El Taller of El Circulo Breaking, which collaborates in this project. This project is co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and coordinated by Iniciativa Internacional Joven in collaboration with the partner organizations Espressione Hip Hop from Italy and T.E.A.M. (True Enforcers of Advance Movement) through Politistiko Ergastiri Ayion Omoloyiton from Cyprus. If you want to signRead More →

We are very happy to announce that Poe One is travelling to Málaga (Spain) for collaborating in our Seminar “Breakin’ Trainers” that takes places on July 25th to 29th. His knowledge is a real added value to our project! Soon, we are going to give you more information about workshops and other activities.Read More →

The tools for performing Local Activities I are ready. During this phase of the project, partner organizations, we are investigating on different aspects connected with the training of breaking trainers. Firstly, we are analysing the situation of hip hop and breaking in each country and mapping the stakeholders of our project and organizations, secondly identifying existing training programs at national and international level and presenting the project to dancers, artists, trainers and young people. Finally, each organization is going to define the profile and learning needs of its breaking trainers. During the Seminar that is going to take place in Málaga (Spain) on July organizationsRead More →

Last weekend we were in Nicosia (Cyprus) for the first coordination meeting of our project. Representatives from Italy, Spain and Cyprus, we meet in the headquarter of T.E.A.M. (True Enforcers of Advance Movement) for defining all aspects of our project and coordinating the activities we are going to carry out next months. During our stay in Cyprus, we could also celebrate the 5th anniversary of our partner with a special dance contest.Read More →

Welcome to the web page of our new project “Breakin’ Trainers“, that is coordinated by the organization Iniciativa Internacional Joven from Málaga (Spain). During this year, 2019, we are coordinating the project “Skills development of breakdance sport trainers“, that has been co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It is a 12-months small collaborative partnerships, whose purpose is to define the key competences that breaking coaches/trainers should have for obtaining a professional certification, as well as the syllabus of this training program.Read More →